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Frontline Recruiting & Hiring in Action:

Deerfield Public schools 109


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The Human Resources department at Deerfield Public Schools 109 is driven by one guiding principle:

“We regard people as the single most important asset of our educational system.”

And it’s true. Education may be supported by books and study aids, but it takes a talented teacher to facilitate quality learning for every student.

As Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources, Dale Fisher sees a clear relationship between student success and his ability to place qualified educators in the classroom. And by partnering with Frontline, he’s able to ensure that every position in the district is filled by the best candidate.

Here’s how…

 It starts with recruiting. 

It’s good to have options. And Dale knows that finding more applicants means looking in more places, so District 109 advertises job openings across the country. They showcase openings on the glossy pages of education magazines, social media pages and a diverse set of online job boards including K12JobSpot, Monster, the Illinois Job Bank and others. Dale’s favorite is K12JobSpot, which he describes as his “#1 tool for finding applicants.”

But maybe you’re thinking, “Who has time to use so many recruiting channels effectively?”

With Frontline Recruiting & Hiring, Dale is able to push job postings and advertisements to a multitude of recruiting channels in under a minute, enabling him to recruit more effectively and efficiently.
. They’re effective, too — the district receives hundreds of applications for most openings. Even niche positions, where there simply aren’t enough people out there to develop a deep candidate pool, tend to be filled successfully.



Easy hiring is better hiring.

Applicants don’t want to wade through a paper-based application process, or an unwieldy online system full of bugs. Deerfield Public Schools makes it easy to apply online with Frontline Recruiting & Hiring, which also helps them hire fantastic candidates quickly.

Dale can sort through applicant data with powerful filtering tools, and quickly highlight top candidates with prescreening assessments. Then, he can quickly move candidates through the hiring process with automated workflows and online forms.

“The Frontline products really give us back that precious resource that we really can’t change, and that’s time. We only have so much time in the day. Frontline has helped us across the board, as a district and in the buildings, to save time. And time is money. We can use that money elsewhere.”

District 109 takes data seriously.

Because every candidate applies through Frontline Recruiting & Hiring, Dale can report on trends, explore actionable insights and formulate data-driven hiring strategies.

“The data allows us to examine where our applicants are coming from — what’s their experience level, which universities are they coming out of? It’s helped us identify opportunities to expand. We can look at males versus females, which minority populations we are bringing into the district, see if it’s equitable to our neighbors, if our applicants are spread out, if we want to expand upon or alter something… Our protocols help us use Frontline’s tool to identify the best teachers for the district.”
And because all the recruiting and hiring data lives within one system instead of paper, he can access information from any internet-connected device — allowing him to be more strategic without spending time poring over spreadsheets.

“I really can’t imagine how we would operate without Frontline. What we have stored is a wealth of information that covers close to a decade now or more. All that information is at our fingertips… They often say that districts are data-rich, information-poor. What Frontline has done is allowed us to access that data and use it for informational purposes to guide how we educate our kids.”

See Frontline Recruiting & Hiring for yourself

Thousands of districts just like Deerfield Public Schools 109 use Frontline Recruiting & Hiring to find the best candidates.

  • Identify qualified candidates with the most potential
  • Enjoy hassle-free hiring and simple interview scheduling
  • Reclaim time spent on recruiting and hiring