Field Trip: Working with Families in Special Education

As a parent, learning your child has a learning disability or other special need comes with a whirlwind of emotion. “Who will take care of them when I’m not here? How will I make sure they get the supports they need?” Fear and anxiety rear their heads. Everything you pictured about your child’s life is suddenly in doubt — including what school might look like.

Today, we’re speaking with three current and former administrators — and for two of them, parents of a student with special needs — to get a better picture of what these families experience.

  • What parents go through when their child receives a diagnosis
  • How these challenges are especially compounded when a family is new to the educational system in the United States
  • Why school and district leaders need to be thinking about this issue – not only to avoid litigation, but to achieve more productive outcomes
  • Strategies for supporting families as they navigate their new reality


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