Field Trip: Beating Teacher Burnout

Teacher burnout is real. What causes it? And what can administrators do to help teachers combat the emotional exhaustion they feel?

Adam Brown, Ed.D. is an assistant principal for Virginia Beach City Public Schools. As a new teacher, there were days he wanted to call it quits — but he had great support, and got through those tough times. And his research into what causes teacher burnout is packed with insights for teachers, leaders and mentors.

Today, we speak with Dr. Brown and with Basil Marin, also an assistant principal, about their experiences dealing with teacher burnout and what administrators can do to fight it in their schools and give teachers the support they need — whether they’re new teachers or have been in the classroom for decades.

  • What this issue looks like for novice teachers and for veteran teachers
  • What the research says about the causes of teacher emotional exhaustion
  • The impact it has on teacher recruiting and retention
  • How principals, mentors, coaches and other leaders can support teachers through challenging times


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