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At a Glance:

Location: Whitehouse Station, New Jersey
Enrollment: 1,656
Facilities: 4
Staff: 300


School District Seamlessly Manages Special Student Populations

Readington Township School District elevates student support while eliminating hundreds of hours of administrative work.


A high-performing educational organization, Readington Township School District serves over 1,600 students. The district focuses their efforts on improving academic achievement and providing staff with the tools needed to build a positive school environment for each unique learner.

However, an archaic student management system coupled with an outmoded IEP system was hindering the efforts of Readington’s Pupil Services department, a team committed to ensuring every student has the resources he or she needs to achieve core curriculum content standards. It was imperative for Pupil Services and other special-programs staff to be able to support the district’s diverse student population and set students up for success post-graduation.

The choice to adopt Frontline Special Education Management empowered the district to optimize their IEP processes and revitalize their approach to managing special student populations, resulting in:

  • Hundreds of hours saved from redundant administrative work and data entry each year
  • Increased capacity to create and customize reports for special programs
  • An intuitive, digital IEP workflow with document management and timeline tracking capabilities ― including an easier way to transition students from 504 Plans to IEPs
  • More accurate data and accounting of student needs across programs
  • Easier meeting management and communication with parents
  • Happier staff who feel supported in their roles and optimistic about the future