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Coppell Independent School District

Coppell Independent School District

Case Study

District Background:

Coppell, TX
PreK-12 Enrollment

Solutions Used:

Frontline Special Programs Management
Section 504 Program Management
Special Education Program Management
RTI/MTSS Program Management
English Learner Program Management

Caledonia Community Schools

Coppell is a unique district serving a diverse community. The staff takes pride in being forward-thinking in the many ways they provide services for learners. Coppell thrives on the relationships they’ve built with each other, students, parents, and the community. Their goals are simple — to be the best at what they do, be legally compliant, and always go over and beyond the minimum.

Challenge Caledonia Community Schools

The Challenge:

Coppell did not have a consistent Section 504 compliance system throughout the school district. There was a paper process in place, but it wasn’t supported with a manual or guidance. Legal changes to Section 504 over the years had not been accounted for. Debbie Gauntt, the Director of Intervention Services, wanted to train campus coordinators on a more contemporary approach to 504 evaluation and service protocols.

Director Gauntt needed a user-friendly product that would help address those issues. It had to be a platform that allowed staff access to learner records, no matter where they were in the district. And she wanted to be able to monitor compliance.

Having the ability to audit her programs would allow Director Gauntt to identify the district’s professional learning needs. With a bird’s-eye view of the data, she could analyze student 504 plans and make sure they followed all legal requirements. That knowledge would drive her decisions on how to train the campus 504 coordinators.

Solution Caledonia Community Schools

The Solution:

Director Gauntt discovered a 504 compliance system developed by experts on disability law issues, Texas attorneys Dave Richards and Jose Martín. That model became SuccessEd 504 and is the foundation of Frontline Section 504 Program Management.

When they first subscribed to the 504 management system, Debbie made local customizations to the generic features. She created drop-down boxes and put suggested verbiage in the system that she wanted her team to use.

Debbie created step-by-step guidance documents for every single process required in Section 504. And from that, she developed an entire local guidance protocol. With written guidelines, new and inexperienced 504 administrators had a consistent protocol to follow. It allows Coppell ISD to meet its goals of legal compliance and quality decision-making.

“We were able to take the 504 product and make it our own.”

Debbie Gauntt, Director of Intervention Services

Results Caledonia Community Schools

The Results:

In Coppell ISD, assistant principals at every school serve as the 504 coordinators for their sites. Many of them transition from the classroom into administrative roles with limited experience in developing 504 plans and require substantial training. The guidance documents that Debbie created spell everything out, from where to find the forms they need to how to prepare for a meeting, how to run it, and what to do afterward.

“We didn’t just purchase the product. We built a whole system of compliance around the product.”

Debbie Gauntt

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