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Newest Issue of The Line Opens Discourse on The Promise of Education

The Line

It is my pleasure to announce the publication of Issue 5 of The Line, in which we consider a key question: Are we delivering on the promise of education?

To answer that question, we must each delve to the root of what exactly we believe the promise of education is, who it is for, and how it ought to be turned from dream to reality. And, of course, the nuanced answers to those questions are as diverse as the educators answering them. But that’s exactly why The Line exists.

What you will not find in this issue of The Line is merely catchy quips, snappy comebacks or a bleak agreement to disagree. What you will find is civil discourse, a conversation full of insight, experience and relevant facts. Some of the biggest voices in education today, including Grover J. “Russ” Whitehurst, Eric Hanushek, John King, Hadi Portovi and many more, have answered our questions about the promise of education and its relationship to freedom and the American dream. We bring you their thoughts in essays paired to showcase different perspectives on these issues–but also to show how often those diverse perspectives share some common ground. And with common ground and the humility to consider a different perspective we gain the ability to bridge divides and work together toward shared solutions.

Consider with us: what do you believe the value of education is? As today’s educators, we’ve been handed stewardship of the American dream, and if we don’t carefully protect that dream, we may lose its possibility.

Here are a couple of editor’s picks from issue 5:

Honest Data in Education Policy

Margaret Spellings, former president of the University of North Carolina and former US Secretary for Education, challenges us to give honest data its place in the creation of education policy, arming ourselves with knowledge and exercising the courage to face our vulnerabilities head on.
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Essay Pairing: Can One System Prepare Students to Be Both College and Career Ready?

David Coleman and Ryan Craig consider whether students leave high school truly prepared for the varied and “open-ended” reality of adult life, whether their next step takes them to the university classroom or the workforce.
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Hanna Skandera

Hanna Skandera is Editor-in-Chief of The Line, bringing over two decades of executive leadership experience from a variety of private, public and non-profit organizations. Prior to joining The Line, Skandera served as Secretary of Education for the State of New Mexico, realizing record-breaking outcomes and significant culture changes. Formerly, Skandera held senior leadership roles in the Schwarzenegger, Jeb Bush and George W. Bush administrations. She is also a former Pahara-Aspen Institute fellow. Skandera is the founder and CEO of Mile High Strategies and the founder and visionary of Pathway 2 Tomorrow. She is currently serving as an advisor to several state leaders, non-profit organizations, foundations, start-up endeavors, and investors. Skandera is also a Chief in Resident with Chiefs for Change and a Superintendent in Resident with the Broad Center. Hanna’s current work with The Line as well as the Pathway 2 Tomorrow initiative is a natural extension of her commitment to growing organizational impact, changing organizational culture and delivering results across private, public, charitable and academic spheres.