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Cool Tool Winner 2023 Badge

We’re honored to announce that Frontline Data & Analytics won a “Cool Tool” Award from EdTech Digest in the district data solution category, in recognition of the meaningful difference we’ve made for the K-12 community.

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Make sense of all your student data and empower aligned conversations across the district.

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Capitalize on the rich insights contained within your student data — regardless of where that data resides — to improve student outcomes. Student Analytics Lab, powered by Forecast5, makes it easy to combine all of your data and present it visually so you can easily measure student performance, assess next grade/college- and career-readiness, close learning gaps, advance equity, and improve student outcomes.

  1. Monitor student performance and progress across learning environments.

    Track and understand student performance, regardless of the learning environment, to better identify where interventions may be needed.

  2. Identify at-risk students for intervention planning.

    Easily access student performance metrics like attendance, course enrollment, assignment completion, test results, and more through custom dashboards. Go from program and sub-group detail to individual student data with just a click.

  3. Showcase areas of success.

    Bring multiple data points together to identify specific schools and programs that are making an impact.

  4. Focus additional support on the schools, groups, and programs that need it most.

    Analyze student performance trends at any level with at-a-glance dashboards. Use at-a-glance dashboards to understand the impact of teacher performance on student outcomes and improve impact through ongoing evaluation.

  5. Locate “blind spots” to ensure equity and access.

    Enable all district and campus leaders to monitor student progress, access nightly disaggregated lists of individual students who are not meeting performance metrics, and use these insights to assist students who are traditionally disadvantaged or underserved.

That’s a huge benefit to using student data analytics, because at the drop of a hat, we can drill down into whatever group we want to look at.

Sarah Radcliffe Photo

Sarah Radcliffe

Director of Future-Ready Learning, Altoona School District

Student Analytics Lab Resources

  •  Moving the Needle

    [eBook] Moving the Needle: Improve Student Performance by Correlating and Analyzing Multiple Indicators

    You don’t have to be a data scientist to use the data you have. Here’s how to make your student data actionable.

  • Millcreek Township School District

    [Case Study] Millcreek Township School District: Empowering Community Success with Student Performance Analytics

    Analytics have become key to Millcreek leadership as they identify growth areas and provide support for students and staff.

  • Diagnosing the School Nurse Shortage

    [On-Demand Webinar] Using Data to Drive Early Interventions

    Hear how teams at San Dieguito Union High School District use early warning indicators to proactively mobilize resources to support their student community.

  • Diagnosing the School Nurse Shortage

    [White Paper] ESSER and Equity: Leveraging Stimulus Funding to Increase Equitable Opportunities

    From the Frontline Research & Learning Institute, a look at how student and location analytics can help guide investment decisions.

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