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Worry less about service delivery and Medicaid billing and fully focus on student success with Frontline.

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Special Ed touches the data one time as they’re documenting the services and then the system picks it up. It doesn’t have to be re-input into the billing system. That’s a big deal.

David Edgar

Assistant Superintendent for Business Services, Deer Park ISD


Maximize service delivery and Medicaid claims.

Boost Your Medicaid Reimbursements - Frontline Medicaid Billing and Service Management Software

Boost Your Medicaid Reimbursements

Make sure documentation is “Medicaid-ready,” and gain better access to all your Medicaid data.

Streamline Service Management - Frontline Medicaid Billing and Service Management Software

Streamline Service Management

Help providers devote more time to students by reducing time spent coordinating and documenting services.

Proactively Monitor Compliance - Frontline Medicaid Billing and Service Management Software

Proactively Monitor Compliance

Protect your district from undelivered IEP service complaints with real-time visibility.

Optimize Resources - Frontline Medicaid Billing and Service Management Software

Optimize Resources

Estimate and allocate the staff you need to optimally deliver IEP services.

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Are you living up to the promises made to your students with disabilities?

Managing student services and recouping Medicaid reimbursements shouldn’t be a game of catch-up.

  • Students can’t make progress or meet their goals without timely delivery of services
  • Inequitable caseloads result in overburdened staff and underserved students
  • Provider time is best spent with students, not keeping up with paperwork or Medicaid documentation
  • Due process and remediation cost schools time and money
  • Claiming Medicaid reimbursements should be worth the effort

Improve student services and Medicaid billing with one system.

Your goal is to provide the services that will result in the best outcomes for students. But forecasting the right level of resources to deliver those services is not easy. And trying to help providers balance complicated caseloads and time-consuming compliance and Medicaid billing documentation can get in the way of meeting students’ needs.

That’s where Frontline Medicaid & Service Management comes in. With tools to automate and streamline resource estimation and allocation, service scheduling and documentation, and Medicaid billing, you can give time back to your staff so they can focus on what matters most: meeting student needs.

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There's a better way.

When you simplify management and tracking of student services, make the most of your resources, and strengthen compliance, you’ll impact Medicaid revenue along the way.

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Service Documentation Best Practices for Medicaid and Beyond

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