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Empower everyone to work toward what matters most: student success

The benchmarks [Frontline provides] are very beneficial and allow us to quickly analyze how we’re performing compared to other districts.

Dr. Richard Labbe


Sayreville Public Schools (NJ)

Achieve great things for every student in your care.

Your attention is pulled in countless directions. The days are full, expectations are high and resources could always be more plentiful. The challenges are not small, either – from funding shortages, to state/federal mandates, to equity and safety. And at the end of the day, you feel the pressure more than anyone to meet the needs of every student. You’ve got a strategic vision – but does making progress feel like a never-ending battle?

You don’t have to do it alone.

Over 10,000 clients trust Frontline Education to help them proactively manage people and processes, freeing up time to move your strategic initiatives forward.

Automate processes sucking up staff time

Automate processes sucking up staff time.

Help your leaders and educators reclaim time for work that directly (and indirectly) supports students.

Turn insights into action

Turn insights into action.

Bring all of your student data together for a comprehensive view of performance, from district view to individual student focus.

Leverage connected systems

Leverage connected systems.

With more of what you need in one place, you can “connect the dots” for great efficiency and educator effectiveness.

Solution Wheel

Show your community what you can do.

With a shortage of funding and resources (and often a shortage of support, too), you can’t afford to leave any stone unturned in the search for creative solutions that positively impact students.

With the right tools, data and insights, you can make a positive difference in the classroom, build employee engagement and morale, and show the community that your district can achieve great things for each learner.

  • Proactively recruit, engage and retain great educators
  • Support effective evaluations and data-driven teacher growth
  • Maintain accurate employee and student records, without all that paper
  • Make the best use of district funding with better reporting
  • Help educators build a true continuum of services for students with special needs
  • Get the analytics you need to make the most strategic decisions (and inform stakeholders) around your students, your budget, your schools, and your community

You didn’t get into education for the red tape.

You face a mountain of community pressure and often-insurmountable odds to bring your vision to life. These daily stressors on you and your staff can turn into real roadblocks to long-term success:

  • Over-reliance on paper processes slows down progress
  • Lack of easily-accessible data means you’re often “flying blind”
  • Resistance to change keeps things “the way they’ve always been done”
  • Lost funding makes it harder to meet the needs of each student

With a partner who truly understands education, you can gain the tools that empower you and your staff to focus on the work that truly matters, positively impacting educators and students alike.

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