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At a Glance:

Arkansas Cabot Public Schools

Location: Alvin, TX
Staff: 3,004
Enrollment: 23,466
Facilities: 30


Alvin Independent School District

Easily managing explosive growth of special populations with Frontline Special Education Management


Alvin Independent School District is a rapidly growing learning organization that remains committed to excellence for each student and every program. With enrollment increasing by well over 1,000 students annually, meeting the needs of students in special populations can be challenging.

The technology the district used to rely on for special education compliance further complicated matters. Keeping up with administrative tasks and ensuring all student records were organized and accessible to staff became incredibly time-consuming for administrators.

The solution to keeping up with compliance, student need and district expansion involved switching to a unified, digital system. With Frontline Special Education Management, Alvin ISD has:

  • Simplified compliance management for special education, 504, and English language learner (ELL) programs
  • Gained a clearer window into the whole child
  • Streamlined paperwork for staff as students switch programs or need multiple supports
  • Dramatically reduced the time it takes staff to prepare for student-support meetings
  • Optimized internal training procedures and adherence to best practices
  • Increased support to special programs and general education staff
  • Streamlined communication with parents