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Software that Frees Up the Technology Office

Interoperable systems that help staff succeed in their work and build flexibility into your workday

Software as a Service for our department in I.T. means that we’re hands-off, that this is hosted out somewhere else, that we don’t ever have to run updates, we don’t ever have to patch anything. We don’t even have to worry about it going down because of the redundancy that [Frontline] provides through its data centers. We just don’t have to mess with it. We don’t think about it at all.

David Burkhart

Director of Technical Services

Wylie Independent School District

Think what you could accomplish if you had less technology babysitting to do.

As a technology leader in your district, you’re in a unique position to positively impact the bottom line for students and staff. Yet when technology firefighting takes up most of your workweek — and starts to spill into nights and weekends — that’s known as “reactive mode.” And when technology leaders get stuck in reactive mode, the cost is a reduced ability to think strategically about your district’s big-picture technology strategy.

Break free from reactive mode.

You don’t want to babysit your technology — you want it to support innovation and growth in your district.

That’s why over 10,000 clients trust Frontline’s school administration software to help them simplify data management, reporting and security, giving staff the tools to make data-driven decisions more easily, without always involving the technology team.

Lead the way forward

Lead the way forward.

Interconnected systems and single sign-on (SSO) mean fewer help desk tickets and easier staff training, leaving more time to experiment with the next big technology project. Plus, our mobile app means your Frontline solutions and district data can go wherever you go.

Bring voice to your district’s data

Unlock your district’s data.

Bring student, HR, and financial data to life with detailed visuals and data analysis — and empower teams to turn collected data into action.

Build flexibility into the workday

Make technology simpler.

Support your 1:1 initiatives with robust asset management that helps take the stress out of budget planning and preparing for audits. And Frontline Help Desk Management makes it easier to support your teams when they need it.

Frontline Education Product Wheel

Show your community what you can do.

With a shortage of funding and resources (and often a shortage of support, too), you can’t afford to leave any stone unturned in the search for creative solutions that positively impact students.

With the right tools, data and insights, you can make a positive difference in the classroom, build employee engagement and morale, and show the community that your district can achieve great things for each learner.

  • Proactively recruit, engage and retain great educators
  • Support effective evaluations and data-driven teacher growth
  • Maintain accurate employee and student records, without all that paper
  • Make the best use of district funding with better reporting
  • Help educators build a true continuum of services for students with special needs
  • Get the analytics you need to make the most strategic decisions (and inform stakeholders) around your students, your budget, your schools, and your community

More flexibility for you and your end users


Have confidence in security.

Don’t let the security of your employee and student data keep you up at night.

  • Know that your district’s personally identifiable information is safe thanks to our SOC 2 Certification and other data protection standards
  • Trust that your employee data is just as safe as your student data
  • Simplify your FERPA, HIPAA, PIPA, Student Privacy Pledge and state privacy compliance efforts

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