Immunization Tracking:
Is it Time for a Change?

When you think about your immunization tracking process, do the words quick and easy come to mind?

If you’re still tracking student vaccinations manually, then probably not. You know the struggles of tracking down vaccine statuses, getting in touch with parents to verify information, and identifying which students are out of compliance. And you might wonder if there’s a better way (spoiler alert: there is).

Ready for near-instantaneous immunization tracking?

By connecting your district with the immunization registry from your state, Frontline’s Immunization Registry Integration Services enables you to automatically import data from the registry with the click of a button. Of course, it’s FERPA and HIPAA compliant.

Beyond the integration, Frontline’s EHR offers workflows made for school nurses so that they can save time throughout their day.

Imagine being able to pull a report with just a few clicks.

Frontline School Health Management allows you to quickly understand which students are not in compliance for their vaccine records, and who those students are. Communicating with parents about immunization updates is easy, too. The Frontline Health Portal offers guardians 24-hour online access to their child’s school health records, including vaccine updates. In addition, the portal allows you to send vaccine delinquency letters easily so that you can feel more confident that notifications reach a child’s parent or guardian.

A school nurse’s time is their most valuable resource. With Frontline School Health Management, you can help them make the most of it.

See it in action

*This is a paid service currently available as permitted by your State Department of Health.