COVID-19 Health Data Management for Schools

Track, Monitor, and Report on COVID-19 Data

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Support a safe return to schools now… and in the future.

Support a safe return to schools now and in the future

COVID-19 Functionality

  1. Collect Critical Physical and Mental Health Data

    Track symptoms, testing, immunity, and mental health data to keep students and staff safe.

  2. Educate Students, Parents, and Staff

    Provide and track training for students, parents, and staff on safe practices and new policies and procedures.

  3. Enforce New Policies and Procedures

    Monitor compliance with safe practices, and quickly send alerts for time-sensitive changes in status and policy.

  4. Gain Instant Access to Health Data

    Report on readiness thresholds to open or transition to less remote learning, levels of infection or risk factors, policy compliance, and more.

COVID-19 Health Data Management Overview


Frequently Asked Questions About Frontline School Health Management and COVID-19

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