Flip your professional learning with Frontline’s Learning & Collaboration Resources

Flipped Learning Cycle



Intrigued by the idea of a flipped model for professional learning? Recognize the benefits of having teachers identify areas for growth, engage in learning, then collaborate with peers, mentors, coaches, administrators, PLCs or other groups to apply that learning to practice?

Then it’s key to provide learning opportunities specific to each individual teacher, and that’s where Learning & Collaboration Resources — part of Frontline Professional Growth — comes in.

Learning & Collaboration Resources is the perfect supplement to your existing professional learning program. With over 800 courses, over 2300 videos, over 30 micro-credentials, it’s easy to provide targeted learning to address each of your teachers’ specific areas for growth.


Focus on competency, not seat time. Micro-credentials require teachers to demonstrate evidence to ensure skills can be applied.

Collaborative Groups

Develop and spread great teaching by enabling educators to engage in discussions around exemplary instructional videos, share resources, give and receive feedback, and more in collaborative groups.

Just-in-time Learning

Enable educators to learn about topics that are relevant to them at a time that works for their busy schedules.

SCORM-Compliant Courses

Easily keep track of employee professional learning and training. Our courses are SCORM-compliant, giving you confidence that courses have been completed.

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