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Unlock efficiency and achieve financial peace of mind.

Built for K-12 HR, Finance and Payroll, Frontline’s ERP software makes exceptional organizational management a reality!

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Elevate your impact

Break Down Siloes

Break Down Silos

Streamline disparate or manual processes in one digital system to connect all the “data dots” from recruiting to retirement, budget to spend, and from procure to pay.

inform decisions rapidly

Inform Decisions Rapidly

Swiftly make data-driven decisions with natively-tracked HR/Finance/Payroll information, live data dashboards and proven state/federal reporting.

Make the Software Work for You

Software that Works for You

Experience next-gen financial insight and control out of a single role-based integrated system of record – everything from simulated budget scenarios to customizable workflows and district-wide organizational reporting.


One comprehensive solution for K-12 organizational management:

Frontline ERP - Recruiting Management

Frontline ERP - Position Manager

Frontline ERP - Compensation Management

Frontline ERP - Benefits Management

Frontline ERP - Finance & Payroll Management

Frontline ERP - Procurement Management

Frontline ERP - Digital Document Management

Frontline ERP - Reporting - UI

Surprise parties are great! Surprise audits, fines and bad PR are not.

Manual or siloed processes don’t help with rapidly evolving district needs:

  • Data quickly becomes stale and inaccurate
  • Decision-making and resources come to a screeching halt
  • District-wide reporting becomes time-consuming and error-prone

Could your district benefit from a system that facilitates communication between departments and puts up-to-the-minute district data at your fingertips?

Find out how Frontline ERP removes departmental siloes and can support your district throughout the school year.

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ERP Supports Multiple Departments

Learn how Frontline ERP facilitates communication between multiple departments throughout the school year.

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Gain district-wide control over funding and expenses without losing organizational flexibility.

Countless critical data points spanning Human Resources, Finance and Payroll are consistently changing. How many different places do you have to search and update before you can make sound financial decisions for your students and staff?

You deserve to have the information you need, when you need it. Period.

That’s why over 12,000 educational organizations trust Frontline to ensure they have consistent real-time data. Amplify your expertise with Frontline ERP, the single source of truth that informs data-driven decision-making for your Business Office. Frontline ERP is built for the AWS Cloud. The AWS Cloud remains the most secure, redundant and extensible infrastructure on the planet.

When everything you need is in one comprehensive system, you never have to worry about stale information and your processes can be as nimble as your school district needs them to be!

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