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Unlock efficiency and achieve financial peace of mind.

Elevate your impact with one comprehensive solution for Texas K-12 organizational management.

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Streamline manual processes and get consistent, real-time data

Frontline’s ERP software will save admins time by streamlining your manual processes in one digital system, allow you to make quick, data-driven decisions with live dashboards, remove departmental silos across your district, and make transitions to new hires easier for everyone.  You’ll gain district-wide control over funding and expenses without losing organizational flexibility.

Break Down Silos

Streamline disparate or manual processes in one digital system to connect all the “data dots:” from recruiting to retirement, budget to spend, and from procure to pay.

Inform Decisions Rapidly

Swiftly make data-driven decisions with natively tracked HR/Finance/Payroll information, live data dashboards and proven state/federal reporting.

Software that Works for You

Experience next-gen financial insight and control out of a single role-based integrated system of record.

Centralize Your Data

Data across Human Resources, Finance, and Payroll is always changing. How many different places do you have to search and update before you can make informed financial decisions for your students and staff?

Get the information you need, when you need it. 

That’s why over 12,000 educational organizations trust Frontline for consistent, real-time data. Empower your Business Office with Frontline ERP, a single source of truth driving data-driven decisions. Built on the secure and flexible AWS (Amazon Web Services) Cloud, Frontline ERP ensures reliable information for quicker processes in your district.

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