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Time Tracking and Union Negotiations

How to Approach Your Bargaining Unit to Implement a Time & Attendance Management System

Ensuring compliance with labor laws like FLSA, saving time throughout the payroll process, eliminating costly payroll errors — these are all goals that can be met with an electronic time tracking system. But if your school district’s employees have used old-fashioned time cards or paper timesheets for years, it can be tough to get buy-in when it’s time to make a change.

It can be even harder when you need to navigate bargaining agreements and negotiate with unions, which may see a new system as “a change in working conditions.” In the end, though, implementing an electronic time tracking system works for the benefit of both district administrators and district employees — and that’s an outcome both groups can appreciate.

So, what should you do to ensure a productive conversation with your bargaining units about electronic time tracking? We’ve put together a free white paper to guide you through the process, with three steps you need to take to open the conversation.

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