Why Frontline Absence & Time?

An easier and stress-free way to manage employee absences, attendance, and substitutes (and save district dollars in the process).



Does staffing feel like an uphill battle?

When you need a qualified sub fast, Frontline Absence & Time can help.

As a comprehensive system made for K-12, Frontline Absence & Time prioritizes the features that matter most to you — like automatically finding a qualified substitute as soon as an absence is created in the system.

Accurately manage employee absences and employee time

  • Employees can check their own leave balance, create absence requests, submit timesheets, and more online or on the Frontline mobile app
  • Let employees clock in and out with the method that works best: electronic timesheets, mobile app, kiosks, and more
  • Run payroll quickly and accurately without a single paper timesheet

Find and engage qualified substitutes.

  • With preference lists and skill matching, you can rest assured that as you automate sub sourcing, you’re sourcing the right substitutes for your district
  • Substitutes can search for, view, and accept open jobs directly on the Frontline mobile app
  • Teachers can leave notes and share attachments with substitutes when they create an absence, making the process easier for them and setting substitutes up for success

Get a fuller picture of employee attendance.

  • See at a glance which absences are awaiting your approval and approve or deny absences on your computer or on your phone with the Frontline mobile app
  • Compare your district’s absence data to state and national benchmarks
  • Gain visibility into who is working where, when, and in what capacity
  • See and address trends like high absence days and absenteeism
  • Bring positive & negative time into one system

Make compliance easier, whether you’re pulling reports for the FLSA or managing bargaining unit agreements.

  • Easily handle federal and split funding
  • Manage substitute schedules to ensure compliance with the ACA
  • Uncover excessive spending and eliminate costly payroll errors

Having visibility into when your employees are working and ensuring classrooms are covered when employees are out is always crucial. But right now, it’s even more important to ensure you’re not wasting district dollars on payroll errors or interrupting student learning because you can’t find a substitute.

The tools within Frontline Absence & Time make it easy to automate time-consuming processes so you can keep your district on track now and into the future.