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Get the full picture of employee attendance in one place.

Successful districts depend on every employee working together toward a common goal: supporting students. That’s made possible by having the right people in place and using the best tools to manage employee attendance effectively. You need to know when employees are in the building and when they’re out — and be confident that any absences are covered by a qualified substitute.

The tools within Frontline Absence & Time make it easy to automate time-consuming processes, so you can reclaim your time and get insights into what’s happening in your district.




Absence and Substitute Management​

  • Make it easy for eligible substitutes to find and accept jobs 24/7
  • Get answers in real-time with powerful reporting features
  • Easily manage employee absences and leave balances
  • Address trends like high absence days and absenteeism
  • Review substitute hours and ensure compliance with ACA

Time and Attendance​

  • Capture employee hours electronically and track attendance in real-time
  • Run payroll quickly and accurately without a single paper timesheet
  • Track employee activity and know who is where during a drill or emergency
  • Uncover excessive spending and eliminate costly payroll errors
  • Stay compliant with the FLSA, FMLA, ACA and more
  • Maximize your employee’s productivity with the Frontline mobile app