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Get the decision support you need in Human Resources.

Build critical staffing analysis and visuals with Frontline HCM Analytics to allow your audience to better understand your most pressing staffing concerns.

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Data-driven HR.

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See locations and demographics

Generate visual maps of students, teachers, and schools to drive program placement and resource positioning, and understand student demographics and classroom needs.

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Plan for critical teacher staffing analysis

Monitor staffing ratio and enrollment changes over time, and illustrate position control decisions.

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Clearly communicate to stakeholders

Create a common understanding of student-to- teacher ratios, salary, and position control details.

Human capital management analytics made easy.

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Stop dreading staffing discussions with leadership.

Don’t waste time manually creating critical staffing data and visuals for leadership meetings:

  • Community and school board members’ lack of HR knowledge produces uncertainty
  • Departments use inconsistent data, delaying decisions
  • Poor understanding of staffing and enrollment levels leads to distrust
  • Manually preparing staffing data to answer Freedom of Information Act requests is time consuming and laborious
  • Illustrating the distribution of students and resources relative to schools is difficult

There’s a better way.

Leverage common data to make decisions with all departments and share with a broader audience. Clearly communicate staffing and salary levels to educate your audience, develop trust, and craft the best plan for your district.

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How Southlake-Carroll ISD creates a “data culture” to ask and answer the right questions.

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