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LoTi Connection specializes in making better education simple, with research-based solutions to streamline priorities and give teachers the power to focus on personalized learning practices that work. LoTi Connection designs professional development with the end in mind — so students leave school with the inherent curiosity to wonder, solve problems, innovate and make long-term differences in our ever-changing world.

LoTi Connection’s H.E.A.T.® Principal Evaluation™ (powered by Frontline Professional Growth)

The H.E.A.T.® Principal Evaluation system emphasizes authentic student-directed outcomes as part of a sustainable and collaborative continuous improvement process for increasing observable student H.E.A.T.® (i.e., Higher order thinking, Engaged learning, Authentic connections, and Technology use).

Frontline Professional Growth and LoTi Connection’s H.E.A.T.® Principal Evaluation™ package offer districts one easy-to-use tool to capture information, engage in two-way communication and quickly gather, track and manage the insights you need to continuously support and develop principals.

  • ALIGN TO STANDARDS. With an evaluation system aligned to ISLLC Professional Standards for School Leaders, you can be confident you’re using a trusted source.
  • EQUIP EVALUATORS. Evaluation Inter-Rater Reliability Training for Evaluators means every evaluator is equipped to deliver quality evaluations.
  • COLLECT FEEDBACK. The Principal Feedback Survey ensures you hear from principals.
  • GAIN INSIGHTS. Annual Summative Reporting rolls up your data for a comprehensive look.

For training on how to use the H.E.A.T.® Principal Evaluation™ system, visit

LoTi Connection’s H.E.A.T.® Walkthrough ™
(powered by Frontline Professional Growth)

H.E.A.T.® Walkthroughs™ provide observers with key “look-fors” for Higher order thinking, Engaged learning, Authentic connections and Technology to make the most of classroom walkthroughs. With H.E.A.T.® Walkthroughs™ observers can easily collect data to promote feedback, continuous improvement, reflection and access to formative and summative data.
With Frontline Professional Growth and LoTi Connection’s H.E.A.T.® Walkthroughs™, observers can walk into a classroom knowing exactly what to look for, quickly collect evidence and engage in two-way digital communication — all in one place. Aligned to Bloom’s Taxonomy and Webb’s Depth of Knowledge, it’s everything you need to create a culture of continuous learning and improvement.


  • CLARIFY EXPECTATIONS. With a clearly defined process, you and your educators can both know what is expected.
  • SIMPLIFY EVIDENCE COLLECTION. Effortlessly record what you witness in the classroom with simple tracking methods.
  • PROVIDE AND RECEIVE FEEDBACK. Two-way communication means you can easily give feedback — as well as hear from your teachers.
  • GET GREATER VISIBILITY. Embed formative and summative data for a complete look at what’s happening in your classrooms.

For training on how to use H.E.A.T.® Walkthroughs™, visit

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