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An innovative financial wellbeing benefit for your district

Frontline’s exclusive partnership with Wagestream offers district employees flexible access to their pay when they want it, as they earn it.  

Attract and retain talent with better financial wellbeing benefits 

Frontline has teamed up with Wagestream to help K-12 school districts retain and attract top talent through providing financial wellness benefits and flexible pay options for earned wages. Today, over 4,000 districts are innovating with flexible pay through Frontline and Wagestream! 

Reduce Turnover

59% of employees are less likely to look for another job from an employer that offers flexible pay 

Attract New Talent

+27% improvement in talent attraction seen on of the largest job sites advertising Wagestream as a benefit 

Easy to Implement

  • No implementation costs or software licensing fees 
  • No impact to existing district payroll process or cash flow 
  • Wagestream handles all operations and support requests 
  • Employees sign up and get started – and it’s free to use! 

How does Wagestream work for Substitutes?

The Wagestream Flexible Pay Option is an innovative solution that enables staff to access a portion of their earned wages instantly. There are no additional implementation costs or software licensing fees, ensuring a seamless integration into your existing payroll process. All operational and support requests are expertly handled by Wagestream, ensuring efficient and reliable assistance for your staff. 

How does Wagestream work for all employees?

Wagestream is free to use. All employees can enjoy daily access to their wages, eliminating the need to wait for the traditional bi-weekly or monthly “payday.” 

What is flexible pay?

Flexible pay allows staff to retrieve a portion of their earned but not yet paid wages on demand, with no cost or impact to district cash flow or payroll processing. With this benefit, staff can be free from the burden of seeking another job that offers flexible pay or the stress of working a second job for supplementary income. Offering flexible pay ultimately enhances overall employee well-being by providing a sense of financial security and flexibility that allows them to focus on their passions instead of paycheck timing.   

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