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FLSA Investigations in K-12

Think a Department of Labor audit couldn’t happen to your district?


Think again.


Source: Wage and Hour Compliance Action Data, U.S. Department of Labor. Accessed November 19, 2020.
Note: This data is representative of DOL investigations across public and private K-12 organizations only. It does not include private or class action lawsuits filed in federal or state courts.

Data from the DOL’s Wage and Hour Division shows that K-12 organizations in every state have faced Fair Labor and Standards Act (FLSA) investigations — and 58.3% of these investigations find FLSA violations These investigations can lead to stiff penalties and massive payouts. One large district faced over $1.5 million in back wages and civil monetary penalties from a single audit.

Most investigations don’t result in such staggering penalties, but the numbers are still nothing to sneeze at. When FLSA violations are found, education organizations pay an average of over $22,000 in back wages and fines.

Your district could be at risk.


If you haven’t been audited by the Department of Labor in the past — or if a previous inspection didn’t unearth any violations — don’t let your guard down. When it comes to FLSA actions against K-12 employers, organizations who have not violated FLSA in the past account for 97% of investigations, 84% of violations and 92% of total back wages and fines assessed.

It’s more important than ever for K-12 organizations to be prepared.


If you were faced with a Department of Labor audit tomorrow, would you be confident in your records and processes?

If not, it’s time to take action. Auditors may arrive at your district without prior notice or at random — they don’t need to wait for an employee complaint.


Here’s how to prepare:

  • Validate your employee classifications
  • Ensure that you have complete, organized and accessible employee records
  • Improve your time and attendance tracking for all staff members, even annualized employees
  • Conduct regular, voluntary audits to validate your district’s FLSA compliance

Technology can make all the difference in an audit’s outcome.

Your records need to defend themselves because you might not get a chance to explain them yourself. But many districts struggle to maintain complete, easily-accessible records and timesheets for every employee.

Frontline can help.

Frontline Central

When you need more of your scarcest resource — time — Frontline Central can help.

The system helps you automate your manual, paper-based processes so everything — from e-signatures to onboarding packets — can be handled easily and efficiently online.

  • Easily store, manage, and access employee records in one secure, digital place
  • Keep records current by letting employees update their own information
  • Produce, issue, and track the completion of employee-specific annual contracts
  • Craft automated workflows to ensure you’re never missing a necessary approval

Time & Attendance

By now you’re likely used to the way your district handles payroll. But what if your payroll process helped you effortlessly comply with labor laws? That’s where Time & Attendance can help your district excel.

Part of Frontline Absence & Time, Time & Attendance transforms your payroll process from “it’s not great, but it’s what we’ve always done” to something you’re proud of.

  • Capture, track and manage employee time electronically
  • Improve compliance with state and federal labor laws
  • Manage payroll rules based on contracts, policies and job classifications
  • Reduce labor costs, including overtime, by monitoring staff schedules in advance

Frontline Central and Time & Attendance make compliance easier.

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