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Position Management Playbook for School Districts

Game changing support for the entire employee lifecycle!

How implementing a position management plan strengthens district-wide efficiency for HR, IT, Finance and Payroll
While there might not be a scoreboard in your office with the clock counting down the final minutes of rapidly approaching deadlines, the pressure of making financially sound decisions for your district is still palpable. You want to recruit, hire and onboard great talent to fill your classrooms with outrageously effective educators who impact student success — but when your departments are hamstrung with siloed, slow-moving data, it becomes increasingly difficult.
This playbook offers school HR, Finance and Payroll professionals information on how to become more nimble by rekindling the connections between their departments through a district-wide position management plan.

You’ll learn how a position management plan can help:

  • Move beyond an org chart with comprehensive organizational mapping
  • Answer critical questions related to personnel management
  • Improve forecasting and planning practices
  • Identify critical information that can be designated at the position level
  • Achieve organizational cohesion so you can best support student achievement initiatives