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The K-12 Human Capital Management Journey

The K-12 Human Capital Management Journey  

The K-12 Human Capital Management Journey


Teacher turnover and the teacher shortage are making it harder than ever to keep highly-engaged, effective staff. Attracting, engaging, growing and retaining great people is hard work.

But don’t stop believin’ just yet! Effective Human Capital Management (HCM) is a journey – with plenty of opportunity for growth. So how far along is your journey?


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How Far Along is Your Journey?

The One-Man Band


Just keeping up a steady drumbeat consumes a lot of time for these HCM artists – but that’s ok! There’s room to amp up team collaboration, the use of data and connected technology to take HCM to the next level!

Garage Band


These teams are starting to work in harmony, with some positive results for HCM. But a few notes are still a bit… off-key, shall we say? Auto-tune your HCM program with teams, data and technology working in concert.

Rock Stars


HCM rock stars have a strategy in hand – and they’re not afraid to use it. Backed by data, collaborative teams and connected technology, these teams are making a masterpiece – and their performance shows it.

Volume Knob


Take our 5-minute quiz to learn how far along you are in your HCM journey. You’ll find out which level you’re at – plus get a helpful guide to turning your program up to 11.