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Case Study

A User-Friendly School Health Management System

Becky Garrett, School Nurse in Everett Area School District, shares why Frontline School Health Management is a vital tool that helps her stay organized and provide quality care.

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District Background

Everett Area School District sits in a rural area of Pennsylvania. Approximately 1,200 students attend grades K-12 in the district’s three schools where Becky Garrett serves as the school nurse, alongside one Registered Nurse who helps out at one of the elementary schools.

In her 25 years of school nursing, Becky is no stranger to the hustle and bustle of the health office, between distributing medications, tracking physicals and dental checkups, calling parents, and recordkeeping. “Pretty much you prepare for a day of interruption. That has just been the life of the school nurse,” she says.

Becky is able to keep up with the workload in large part because the district uses Frontline School Health Management to keep students’ electronic health records. Frontline enables her to quickly document care provided to students, easily access a student’s file when they visit the health office and operate more efficiently.

Documentation and Tracking

“Tracking, I think, is the biggest thing for me,” says Becky. She uses customized templates to log why students visit the health office and what care is provided. “The daily log is huge, because you can put what you want in there. I’ve created templates over the years, it’s a quick input.” This makes it easy to search for and access information later. “I like that you can put in a specific symptom, so if it is mental health, anxiety, you can write that, and then you could do a search through all the reports and be able to find things.”

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“It’s absolutely more efficient because you’re documenting everything in there. You can pull this child up: ‘Oh, they’ve seen me 20 times already this year,’ that type of stuff is right there on the screen, even when you do an office visit, which is very helpful.”

Becky Garrett
– School Nurse


When students come into the health office for daily medications, Becky relies on Frontline to ensure the meds and doses are accurate. “Tracking medications, keeping track of, ‘Did I give it this day?’ That’s what electronic health records did with Frontline. That was a huge change from how we used to do things.” When a student’s medications change, she makes it a priority to update the system. “If we know about it, it’s in there.”

Better Communication

When administrators, teachers, and parents need to know what’s going on with their students, Becky also uses Frontline to compile that information. “It’s more efficient in the way that we can report back to administration, parents, and teachers about a student, get a better picture of them because you’re looking in one location for it. Everything goes in that one location, so it’s easier to find,” she says. “If a child has asthma or if they’re allergic to peanuts, things like that. We’re using that list that we keep track of in Frontline to be able to communicate with the teachers.”

Becky uses the reporting functionality in Frontline to keep track of trends in the schools. “I would look at our daily office visits, how many we’ve had and if it’s increased. You kind of know your norm and you get a feeling like, ‘Wow, I really had a bigger day. Let me look at my number and see what that is.’”

Ease of Use

“Frontline is very user friendly,” says Becky. That’s especially important when she needs to bring another person up to speed on how to use the system. “I can have a substitute come in, I can train them on this, and it doesn’t take them long to pick it up and to use it and understand it.”

“Frontline School Health Management is dedicated to just that: it’s dedicated to nurses and to health management in schools,” Becky explains, adding that she is glad she doesn’t have to use the health component of her student information system like some of her colleagues in other districts. “Some of them just do not have the features that Frontline has, as far as usability and being able to navigate through it.”

Becky says Frontline is vital in enabling her to provide care to students. “I don’t know what I would do without it. It’s part of my daily routine. I love the user-friendliness of the program, the way I can put information in and get the information out. It’s a good, quick glance at the student as a whole, to see what is going on with them, and it also provides me the ability to share with administration and teachers the health perspective of the student.  I would not want to be without it.”

“I don’t know what I would do without it. It’s part of my daily routine. I love the user-friendliness of the program.”

Becky Garrett
– School Nurse