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We look forward to speaking with you about one of the following:


Frontline Absence & Time
Manage attendance and gain visibility into who’s in, who’s out and who’s covering each absence.

  • Easily manage employee absences & attendance
  • Improve fill rates and know that absences are covered by qualified substitutes
  • Stay compliant with labor laws like the ACA, FLSA and FMLA

Frontline Recruiting & Hiring
Quickly and easily bring the best talent into your district.

  • Proactively recruit from the largest active database of K-12 job-seeking educators
  • Identify the best candidates
  • Customize and automate workflows to speed up the hiring process

Frontline Professional Growth
Support the complete cycle of educator growth.

  • Provide meaningful evaluation feedback
  • Recommend professional learning based on evaluation results and track its impact in the classroom
  • Document educator growth on an ongoing basis

Frontline Central
Manage people without the paperwork.

  • Save hours by automating the distribution, collecting, reviewing and filing of employee information
  • Get the data you need with real-time access to employee information
  • Ensure a smooth transition and onboarding process for both HR and new hires

Frontline Medicaid & Service Management
Worry less about scheduling and documentation and fully focus on student success

  • Estimate and allocate the right level of resources
  • Devote more time to students by reducing time spent coordinating and documenting student services
  • Protect your district from undelivered IEP service complaints with real-time visibility into service compliance
  • Get the data you need to maximize your Medicaid claims

Frontline Special Programs Management
Streamline administration to support improved outcomes for all students.

  • Improve the quality of IEPs for better student outcomes
  • Easily develop academic and behavioral student intervention plans while simplifying RTI / MTSS case management and administration
  • Manage and scale complex ELL, gifted and talented and 504 programs

Frontline School Health Management
Support student learning by meeting each health care need.

  • Automate tedious administrative tasks so your time is free for student care
  • Manage all student health information with a single login so every detail is accurately reported
  • Create conflict-free schedules to make sure students miss as little instructional time as possible

Frontline ERP
Simplify complex district processes and make sound financial decisions with solutions for HR, finance and payroll.

  • Inform data-driven decisions with proven state and federal reporting
  • Make the best use of district funding and be a good steward of district resources
  • Inform precise workforce planning, organizational mapping and position management

Frontline HRMS & Recruiting
Support the needs of HR with solutions for talent management, compensation, benefits and position management – all in one place.

  • Inform precise workforce planning and organizational mapping
  • Ensure budget before kicking off recruiting efforts with customized routing and workflows
  • Streamline your onboarding processes and get new hire to work faster

Frontline SIS (Student Information System)
Confidently manage the in’s and out’s of the student experience.

  • Rapidly coordinate courses, staff and students with tools built for K-12 schedules
  • Access real-time enrollment data without mountains of paperwork
  • Enhance accuracy, security and compliance by managing all student information in a single database