Quiz: Which generation are you? (based on your work style)

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Maybe you’ve been in your role for a while now, but also happen to love avocado toast. Or perhaps you’re a millennial who prefers to text in full sentences with punctuation. Do you ever think, I must have been born in the wrong generation…?

Let’s find out with a short quiz, shall we?

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Most likely, your result is that you have qualities from each generation. In this episode of the Field Trip podcast, a Millennial and a Gen X-er sit down to dive in to the nuance between generations, and the opportunities to learn from members of each.

“Whatever generation you’re talking to, they just want to know that their opinion is valued, that their work is valued and that they’re part of the organization. Everything else is sort of secondary. Because if they don’t feel that, then any efforts you do are going to be wasted.”

 – Ian Halperin, Executive Director of Community Relations, Wylie ISD

Whether you’re an HR director or a state reporting officer, chances are you work with other generations. This episode is for anyone who wants to improve collaboration among generations, and anyone who is curious about how intergenerational collaboration matters to school culture, hiring and retention.

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