To All Working in Special Education: Thank You

Special Education

thank to you those working in special educationAcross our nation, unsung heroes of our children patiently educate, care for and respect thousands of students with special needs. These Special Educators are far more than meets the eye. They educate children with the highest needs, often putting in hours far beyond the regular school day to plan and execute lessons with modifications to meet individual student needs and abilities.

“Individualized instruction” is one reason we owe thanks to the Special Educators across the country. We recognize all educators put in tireless hours — but today on National Special Education Day we want to highlight the work of those working in special education and the lengths to which they go in order for children to realize success. Special Educators are often the difference between a student feeling included and successful instead of excluded and defeated. This can be an overwhelming task, yet our Special Educators consistently deliver. What an accomplishment! The additional insights necessary to guide students with disabilities through the sometimes-confusing maze of K-12 education is balanced by the sheer delight Special Educators feel when they see, firsthand, a student achieving what they thought was unreachable.

We certainly have a lot to be thankful for in Special Education. I have experienced the additional hours, patience, planning, meeting preparation, concern and elation throughout the last twenty-plus years: I have the honor of being married to one of the many Special Educators in the USA. I am humbled by what she accomplishes in a day, and the positive impact she has on her students.

Please join me in expressing our sincere gratitude to all of those working in Special Education to make a difference in the lives of children everywhere. We know your career is not an easy path, and we are blessed to have you teaching our children.

Steve Goldberg

Steve is part of the Special Education and Interventions Team at Frontline Education, dedicated to helping educators and children throughout K-12

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