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It’s Back-to-School Season!

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It’s that time of year again – BTS!
But hold on, before you start humming “Dynamite” or “Boy with Luv”, we aren’t talking about the record-breaking K-pop group, we’re talking back-to-school!
To students, back-to-school is the promise of reuniting with friends, the thrill of new beginnings, and the excitement of a fresh academic year. For educators and administrators, it’s a time of meticulous preparation, innovative ideas, and a whole lot of heart.
So, as the season unfolds, let’s embrace the magic of back-to-school and celebrate the K-12 community. To educators, administrators, support staff, students, and parents…welcome back! Here’s to a year of growth, learning, and boundless potential.
Ready to make the start of the school year “smooth like Butter”? Check out these back-to-school resources below to get started! (Okay, okay, last BTS reference). ????
Check out the infographic below for some back-to-school fast facts!

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