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Human Capital Management

Identifying the Need for Human Capital Analytics Software

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What specific challenges do K-12 schools face that might benefit from Human Capital Analytics software?

  • Low absence fill rates: Low fill rates can disrupt classroom instruction and add additional workload for present staff. In the case of teacher absences, districts may need to hire more substitute teachers, offer competitive pay, use tech to streamline the substitute placement process, or foster partnerships with local colleges or retired educators.
  • Small applicant pools for open jobs: Open specialized teaching roles or leadership positions have limited applicants due to the additional qualifications, geographical constraints or lack of awareness of the opportunities. School districts can conduct targeted recruitment efforts, offer incentives to encourage individuals to pursue required certifications, and partner with universities and professional organizations to train many potential candidates.
  • Effective professional development funding and format analysis: To ensure effective use of resources and promote professional growth, school districts should be analyzing their PD funding, platforms and methods. One-size-fits-all simply doesn’t work to cover the diverse professional development needs of teachers and staff. District leaders are eager to make PD more relevant, timely and data driven.

Read our buyer’s guide for more details about how Human Capital Analytics software can make a difference in these areas for K-12 schools. Our next blog will explore the benefits of using the software, but read the guide if you’d like a sneak peek!  
The guide is designed to support K-12 business leaders and stakeholders as you make decisions around the purchase of this software. Use these blogs and the guide to better understand your options and decide which offerings would be best for your districts. 

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