Frontline Student Information Software

Amplify operational excellence from the business office to the classroom.

Frontline’s Student Information System (SIS) software equips district administrators to confidently manage the in’s and out’s of the student experience.

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Informed decision-making supports outstanding education

Save Loads of Time on Classroom Operations - Frontline Student Information System

Save Loads of Time

Your team can regain valuable time from tedious, manual tasks with predictive scheduling, paper-free enrollment and registration, and completely connected classroom operations.

Connect Student and Finance - Frontline Student Information System

Connect Student and Finance Data

Now you can process payment for the spectrum of student-related fees – all in the same system that handles your funding and budget information. Available with the Frontline ERP integration

Clean Data In, Clean Data Out - Frontline Student Information System

Clean Data In, Clean Data Out

Erase the stress of correcting thousands of errors with embedded validation tools that ensure special programs coding, age-against-grade level, transcript data and so much more is ready for submission time.

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You deserve an accurate, reliable and connected student system of record.

When student information is stranded on SIS island:

  • Reporting across systems becomes time-consuming and error-prone
  • Organization-wide operations become bottle-necked
  • Data-driven decision making becomes just plain hard to do

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Confidently achieve rock-solid reporting without losing organizational flexibility.

Frontline’s student information system was built by a family of educators focused on the needs of K-12 schools. Digital student information (like attendance, grades, behavior and health data) alone keeps classrooms in compliance.

While you can use Frontline SIS independently, imagine the impact for your district when you amplify operational excellence with connected processes from the classroom to the business office. Connecting Frontline SIS with HR, Finance and Payroll information equips administrators with comprehensive year over year data from enrollment and funding to scheduling and how that affects your payroll and budget – all at a glance!

Frontline SIS is built for the AWS Cloud. The AWS Cloud remains the most secure, redundant and extensible infrastructure on the planet.

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