K-12 Recruitment & Retention Statistics You Should Know

Recruitment and retention are two sides of the same coin. And you know that to improve student learning in your district, you have to hire the right people and keep them around.

But you might not know that not enough is being done to connect teacher recruiting to retention. For example, a survey found that less than 10% of education organizations believe they are effectively analyzing the relationship between recruitment and retention.

And 25% of organizations don’t analyze recruiting or retention.

After the hire, the numbers don’t look much better, with less than half of our survey’s respondents claiming that they have an effective induction or mentoring program for new teachers. That’s unsettling, as the teaching profession is notoriously troubled by high turnover.

What other stats about K-12 recruitment and retention should you know?

Infographic: Recruitment Retention Statistics | Teacher Shortages, Electronic Applicant Tracking System, Hiring Decisions, Prescreening Assessments, ATS, Human Resources, English Language Learner Teachers, Replacing Teacher Expenses, Urban and Rural Districts, Teacher Induction and Mentoring Programs

Frontline HRMS & Recruiting

As you review these statistics, you may wonder how your own district stacks up. The first step is to know your own data — are you finding and hiring the best candidates? Are you effectively connecting recruitment and retention? Are you providing the best possible experience to new hires and long-term employees alike?

With Frontline HRMS & Recruiting, you have comprehensive, real-time access to your district’s personnel data — and the time to use insights more strategically.

  • Maximize your impact with digital workforce planning and forecasting
  • Proactively recruit the best candidates and quickly bring them into the district
  • Benchmark your district’s hiring stats against national and regional norms
  • Electronically manage onboarding, contract renewals and more
  • Gain insights at your fingertips with live dashboards and reporting

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