eBook: Professional Development Program Evaluation for the Win!

How to Sleep Well at Night Knowing Your Professional Learning Is Effective.

by Sheila B. Robinson, Ed.D.

It’s no secret that professional learning is important. You want teachers in your school system to have the support they need to grow in practice, be better at their craft and provide students with top-notch instruction. But here’s the question: are your professional learning programs successful? Can you say with confidence: “Our professional development truly makes a difference to classroom practice”?

From veteran educator, program evaluator and educational consultant Sheila B. Robinson, this eBook dives into why and how to evaluate your professional development programs so you can make better decisions for your teachers, staff and students.

This eBook, “Professional Development Program Evaluation for the Win!” explains:

  • Why program evaluation is so important
  • How to design the right questions to ask when evaluating your program
  • Collecting data with surveys, interviews, focus groups and observations
  • How to analyze all that data — it’s not as intimidating as it sounds!
  • Reporting your results to the right people, in the right way

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