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About interviewstream

interviewstream creates experiences that enhance hiring. The interviewing platform helps recruiters and hiring managers ask the right questions every time, screen candidates faster,  make scheduling easier and reach candidates everywhere. interviewstream has improved the candidate experience for more than 3 million interviews hosted in over 100 countries to date.

interviewstream + Frontline
Recruiting & Hiring

The official partnership strengthens K-12 clients’ recruiting processes by offering virtual interviews on demand. This innovative approach equips K-12 organizations with the right tools, data, and insights to find the best candidates quickly, and to make effective hiring decisions, which will ultimately contribute to greater student outcomes. The integrated solutions offer a seamless transition between reviewing a candidate’s application, watching their one-way interview, scheduling a panel interview with the school’s hiring team, assessing the interview, submitting a candidate for hire, and any HR-related process in between.

Improve the candidate experience

With virtual, interactive interviews on demand (which they can watch back and even rerecord!).

Empower HR

Automate interview scheduling, rewatch live interviews to rate candidates, and score interviews in real time.

Maximize your schedule

Tet time back from scheduling interviews, handling manual candidate information, and rallying your HR team together to perform assessments.

“They get really excited about knowing they’re going to have a screening interview. It’s really about how you market that to them.”

Trina Persson
Director of Recruitment & Retention, New Caney ISD
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