Help Desk Software for Schools

Frontline Help Desk Management, a part of Business Operations Management

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Help Desk Software for Schools

Quickly respond to help desk tickets to ensure teachers, staff, and students stay focused on what matters most — teaching and learning.

Help Desk Software for Schools
  1. Create custom ticket templates and routing rules.

    Meet the unique needs of your district with customizable problem types and sub-types and ticket fields. Create routing rules to ensure the best team workflows.

  2. Unlock greater visibility into district assets.

    Frontline Help Desk integrates with Asset Management, so you can easily manage the entire lifecycle of every district asset. Easily view details including who the asset is currently issued to, the asset serial number, and site location, as well as the asset’s complete ticket history.

  3. Empower your employees with knowledge.

    Ensure that district employees have access to the information they need when they need it based on their assigned devices. That means fewer questions routing through IT, too! With the ability to write and develop a knowledge base for your users, you can empower employees to find answers to their own questions and quickly resolve many of their questions.

  4. Derive important insights.

    Generate insights through reporting that identifies areas where performance can be optimized and monitor the health of your school district’s assets.

    Use standard and customizable reports to maintain visibility into department performance, team workflows, and trends that matter most. All of this allows you and your district to make confident, data-driven decisions, save money and resources, and free up time and energy to focus on student success.

“Integrating [Frontline Help Desk Management] was so easy, it just took the flip of a switch to get started.”

Candy Smet
Director of Technology | Atascadero Unified School District

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