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The K-12 Human Capital Management Journey: A Free Assessment

Human Capital Management

“Human Capital Management” (or HCM) is still a bit of a new term for a lot of school districts. While you may have a pretty good understanding of the processes that fall under HCM, there’s a follow-up question you might want to ask:

What does it look like to strategically manage your human capital? And how do you know if you’re doing it?

That’s what a new, 20-question assessment sets out to answer!

With this brief assessment, you’ll see how your school district stacks up when it comes to key tenets of strategic HCM, like cross-departmental collaboration, usage of data and employee efficiency and effectiveness. You’ll see where you fall on the HCM continuumplus get a free, 40-page eBook full of real-life tips and district stories!

Without a strategic approach to human capital management, K-12 leaders are simply facing more work without results. Your people are your greatest resource — and with a growing teacher shortage and plummeting retention rates, it’s vital that you know what to look for and how to take action.

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Sneak Peek: Your Possible HCM Results

The One-Man Band (Reactive)

Remember, strategically managing HCM is a journey! This result means you may be in mostly reactive mode – keeping up a steady drumbeat of HCM processes but missing out on big results. But don’t worry! Take the assessment to get our free guidebook for turning your program up to 11.

Garage Band (Proactive)

Great progress! You’ve got some teams working in harmony towards strategic-minded HCM. But your program could still use a bit of tuning. Take the quiz and bring all those notes together into a masterpiece with our free eBook and lots of practical guidance for HCM stardom.

Rock Stars (Strategic)

You’re a rock star! You’ve got a strategy, data to back it up, and collaborative teams working in harmony. Look for some ways to auto-tune your performance by taking our quiz and diving into the eBook – full of rock stars like you!

How Far Along is Your HCM Journey?

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Allison Wert

Allison (Ali) Wert is the former Content Marketing Manager of the award-winning content team at Frontline Education. She has nearly 10 years' experience writing about education topics, including best practices for K-12 strategic human capital management. Under her leadership, the team at Frontline was recognized as the Winner of CMA's 2017 Project of the Year and Best Content Marketing Program.

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