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Solutions for Small Schools

Be a department of one, with the power of many.

You’re a master of the balancing act.

Working in a small school, you have to be — you don’t have the luxury of a large staff to help with all of the administrative work that needs to be done. At any given moment, you’re wearing many different hats, and you’re up to the challenge.

But it can be hard to keep up with larger organizations with deeper pockets. Having a smaller administrative team, and a smaller budget, makes it harder to maintain compliance; prepare, attract, and retain teachers; and provide the best instruction — just to name a few.

But you don’t need an entire team of personnel to level the playing field. You just need a way to free up your talents and spend less time on administrative work.

Unlock the power of a larger team, without the cost.

Frontline provides cost-effective software built for the unique challenges small schools face.

If you’re a small school, you know the pain of using multiple systems each day.

Switching between different systems? No thanks — and it doesn’t have to be that way. Imagine just having one login. Imagine automating all of your administrative processes without managing dozens of contracts. Imagine having a common user experience — the same navigation, look, and feel — across your software solutions.

With Frontline, it’s possible.

Frontline has a team that works exclusively with small schools, meaning you’ll finally work a vendor who is focused on making sure you have the tools you need at a price that fits your budget.

Proactively manage employee absences, substitutes, and time and attendance — all in one software system.

Frontline Absence & Time

You don’t have extra time on your hands. Even if you don’t have many employees, you shouldn’t be forced to devote all of your time to checking and approving employee absences, tracking down paper timesheets, and manually entering employee pay.

Frontline Absence & Time can handle tedious details while leaving the power to manage visibility, permissions and operations in your hands. Built exclusively for K-12, Frontline Absence & Time has provides you with electronic tools that allow you to keep your district running from anywhere.

Absence & Substitute Management

Managing employee leave in small schools doesn’t have to be a headache.

Manage employee leave with ease

  • Review and approve employee absence requests online or from your phone
  • Let employees check their own leave balances
  • Automatically update timesheets with absences and days worked

Automate substitute placement

  • Allow qualified substitutes to take available jobs online
  • Ensure that substitutes have the information they need to be effective
  • Manage substitute schedules and stay compliant with the ACA

Benchmark against other small schools

  • See how your schools’ metrics stack up against other small K-12 organizations
  • Also compare data specific to your state or locale

Stop stressing over managing employee absences and substitute placement

  • Unfilled absences leave everyone scrambling and take a toll on student learning
  • Getting caught up with “administrivia” keeps you from focusing on more strategic work

Time & Attendance

Track employee time, without taking up hours of your own.

Save time, money, and trees

  • Electronically manage employee attendance and timesheets in one place
  • Stay on top of labor costs, tardiness, and overtime
  • Say goodbye to costly errors caused by manually adding and entering time

Stress less about payroll

  • Eliminate dual data entry by integrating with other systems
  • Reclaim time spent collecting, reviewing, and processing timesheets
  • Access pre-built and custom reports for payroll processing

Improve compliance

  • Improve compliance with labor laws such as FLSA and ACA
  • Gain accurate information for state and federal reporting
  • Securely manage data online, and easily access the information you need, when you need it

Supporting great teaching in a small district doesn’t have to be a juggling act.

Frontline Professional Growth

Being a department of one doesn’t mean you have to do it all! Over 800 small schools are harnessing the power of Frontline Professional Growth to bring professional learning, collaboration, and evaluations together to supercharge teachers’ professional growth.

Canvas Integration

Did you know? Frontline Professional Growth natively integrates with Canvas.

Address every educator’s unique professional growth needs

  • Provide a catalog of learning opportunities aligned to your school’s goals
  • Use evaluation results to identify relevant professional learning
  • Track and report on progress toward your school and state requirements
  • Automatically find substitutes for out-of-classroom PD absences by integrating with Frontline Absence & Time

Focus evaluations on feedback and growth, not just managing the process

  • Create custom evaluation workflows for your school
  • Leverage one of our partner rubrics — Stronge, Danielson, UW CEL, SOAR — or any rubric your school is licensed to use
  • Monitor and report on your school’s evaluation progress, trends, and outcomes
  • Calculate composite scores for school and state reporting
  • Recommend learning based on evaluation outcomes

Equip your teachers to become masters of their craft

  • Access best teaching practices with over 4,000 real-life classroom videos – including Education Training Services (ETS) and Measures of Effective Teaching (MET) videos, and over 800 SCORM-compliant courses
  • Supplement Frontline’s learning resources by uploading your school’s own curated content, including your district’s Canvas courses
  • Enable teachers to share videos, resources, ideas, and feedback online, and engage in collaborative discussions with teachers down the hall, in the next county and even other states
  • Shift your PD focus toward a competency-based model with micro-credentials

Proactively engage with job-seekers and hire the best candidates.

Frontline Recruiting & Hiring

As a small school, you may not have the same resources to market your district, but you still deserve the best talent. With Frontline Recruiting & Hiring, you can cast a wider net for your recruiting search and automate the entire hiring process.

Found the perfect hire? Frontline Recruiting & Hiring seamlessly integrates with Frontline Central, making the entire onboarding process a breeze. Applicant data auto-populates in Frontline Central’s employee record database, meaning that you don’t have to do any redundant, manual data entry.

Cast a wider net and attract more applicants

  • Proactively recruit from the largest active pool of K-12 job-seekers
  • Create automated recruiting campaigns to proactively reach new candidates
  • Automatically send personalized recruiting messages to job-seekers who meet your criteria and invite them to apply to vacancies

Automate the hiring process

  • Go digital and eliminate stacks of resumes
  • Manage the interview scheduling process in record time with automated workflows

Seamless onboarding, automated contract renewals, and paperless employee records management.

Frontline Central

When you’re working with piles of paperwork and tedious, manual processes, wearing multiple hats can weigh you down. Frontline Central is a comprehensive employee records management software system that makes processes like onboarding and contract renewals easier and more efficient.

Easier onboarding

  • New hires complete onboarding paperwork entirely online
  • Easily track whether employees have received and signed employee handbooks, policy acknowledgements, and more
  • Seamlessly integrates with Frontline Recruiting & Hiring to automatically transfer new hire information into Frontline Central

Automated contract renewals

  • Easily distribute paperwork to all your employees
  • Route forms to the right people through customized workflows
  • Check and track employees’ progress on paperwork
  • Ensure that forms are completed on time with automatic reminders

“Frontline Central and Recruiting and Hiring have been amazing since we are all working remotely now. I am so thankful that we implemented those products.”

Stephanie Curtis, Executive Director of Personnel and Support, Bartlesville Public Schools

See Frontline Central in Action  


Simplify School Nursing Management to deliver better care more efficiently

Frontline School Health Management

In a small school, you often need to do more with less. Frontline School Health Management brings all school health information in a single place so every detail is accurately documented and providers can collaborate to provide students with the best care possible.

Equip school health professionals with a powerful EHR

  • Schedule, control, document, and report detailed information about every student health encounter to meet compliance requirements and keep students healthy
  • Keep billing headache free with a single point of data entry for Medicaid and nursing service documentation
  • Quickly create care plans, forms, and letters with templates
  • Interact with parents seamlessly through a confidential, secure, interactive web portal to communicate on items such as immunization delinquencies, prescription authorizations, parental notices, and consent

Simplify scheduling, documentation, and reporting for mental and behavioral health processes

  • Support school mental health provider’s workflow with a dedicated place to record all student information
  • Identify student patterns earlier with simple data entry screens that also display note history
  • Flag patterns of risky behavior like bullying, suicide ideation, or peer conflict for early intervention by leveraging meaningful reporting data
  • Make sure everyone stays up to date by tracking provider certifications and training

Expand the power of your team with easy access to the information you need to make decisions.

Frontline Analytics

Accessing data shouldn’t require juggling spreadsheets. Team members who fill multiple roles need easy access to data that helps the make the best decisions for their school, students, and community. Frontline Analytics makes it simple to get the information you need, when you need it.

Compare your school to others

  • Access detailed comparisons to other schools and districts, saving time and allowing administrators to focus on instruction and managing the school
  • See how your school’s finances compare to peer schools and districts, including per-student spending levels and which areas of your budget have grown the most
  • Examine how staffing ratios and salaries have changed over time, compared to other schools

Turn your small team into a financial planning powerhouse

  • Support school mental health provider’s workflow with a dedicated place to record all student information
  • Get a detailed analysis of your budget, create budget projections, and compare potential financial scenarios
  • Make long-term planning and advanced monthly reporting attainable for small teams
  • Easily communicate the financial health of your school to board members and the community

Bring student data together to inform your programs

  • Bring all student data together, such attendance, behavior, and course grades, to identify at-risk students who may benefit from early intervention
  • Identify which programs are seeing success
  • Make it easy for school leaders to access student data, so they can focus on instruction to meet all student needs

Support Your District’s Mission

Asset Management

With solutions built exclusively for K-12, leadership will have the tools and visibility to make better decisions — and you’ll have time back to expand on your technology mission for your district.

Keep track of technology assets.

  • Easily distribute and track every laptop, tablet, device, and whole lot more!
  • Understand the entire lifecycle of each asset and take the stress out of budget planning
  • Integrate with SIS, HRMS, SSO, MDM, Help Desk, and more

Help Desk Software for Schools

Help Desk Management

Quickly respond to help desk tickets to ensure teachers, staff, and students stay focused on what matters most — teaching and learning.

Respond to help desk tickets more easily.

  • ECreate custom ticket templates and routing rules
  • Integrate with Frontline’s Asset Management to see each asset’s details: who it’s assigned to, serial number, site location, and complete ticket history
  • Use standard and customizable reports to maintain visibility into department performance, team workflows, and trends
  • If an educator enters a PD request, you can use the desktop application or Frontline Mobile App to approve the request. Then, an absence and substitute request is automatically created.
  • New hire? Great! Once an applicant is hired, their employee record automatically transfers to Frontline Central. Hello, faster onboarding.
  • Save time and protect employee information with a seamless approach to managing employee information and a single Frontline ID.
  • No large team of personnel needed for implementation
  • Enjoy a system configured to meet your needs that’s easy to learn and use
  • Work with a dedicated implementation consultant who understands your needs
  • Easily and quickly get in touch through live chat, email, or phone*
  • Work with a team focused exclusively on K-12, including many small schools
  • Access free webinars, how-to articles, and easy-to-follow videos in our online Learning Center

*Available for system administrators

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