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Recruiting & Hiring: Is it Time for a Change?

Stop putting out fires and start lighting the way for your district’s hiring process.

How much time and energy goes into filling vacancies in your district? If that question makes your head spin, it might be time for a change. Inefficient hiring processes put a strain on your team, and when you lose the best candidates to more efficient districts, students lose too.

Take the quiz to see the overall impact of your current recruiting and hiring process on your team’s efficiency.


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Ready to bring the best talent to your district?

Proactive Recruiting

First impressions are everything.

With Frontline’s Applicant Tracking & Proactive Recruiting system, you can create and schedule personalized recruiting messages that reach tens of thousands of qualified candidates. And because your district is unique, you can customize the criteria job-seekers need in order to receive your message.

Start your recruiting and hiring process off right with Frontline Recruiting & Hiring.

Applicant Tracking

Free up your desk space and your time.

With Applicant Tracking, you can digitally sort and filter through candidates to find the right fit for your vacancy. And automated workflows mean that you’ll be moving candidates through the hiring process in record time. No more sorting through stacks of paper in order to give a simple status update; intuitive dashboards offer real-time updates.

Frontline Recruiting & Hiring helps you move candidates through the hiring process faster and gives you more visibility along the way.

Screening Assessments

Hire with confidence.

Have you ever wished for a simple way to evaluate whether a candidate is the right fit, both for the position and your district? Frontline’s Screening Assessments highlight top candidates for you. And post-hire performance surveys ensure that the best hire was made.

Finish the hiring cycle strong, knowing that the right decision was made.

Integrated Recruiting, Hiring and Onboarding

The onboarding process should be just as smooth as the hiring process.

New hires arrive eager to get to work, only to sit down to a pile of paperwork that will have to be transcribed later. With integrated Recruiting, Hiring and Onboarding, new hire data automatically transfers to Frontline Central, so new hires can get to work faster.

Self-Diagnostic Workbook Powerpoint

Download this workbook to evaluate your district’s processes and highlight areas for improvement. Once completed, the workbook can be a powerful tool in showing district leaders why it’s time to upgrade your recruiting and hiring processes.

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Is hiring season a source of stress? Frontline Recruiting & Hiring saves you time without sacrifices.


“Frontline Recruiting & Hiring helps us recruit talented individuals, and that talent is reflected in their education to students. And that’s the bottom line: making sure that students are being taught by the most highly-qualified candidates available.” Ken Griffin, Human Resources Analyst, Clackamas Educational Service District

Recruiting the right talent for your district ensures that you’re giving students the best education possible:

  • You can cast a wider net to attract the best candidate for the job
  • Your team saves time throughout the hiring process, giving you the freedom to take on more strategic initiatives
  • Your district moves toward more efficient, modern processes that helps you become a more competitive workplace for the best candidates
  • You can hire with more confidence, knowing which candidates are the best fit