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Fewer teachers are entering the profession. Is your hiring program prepared?

For many districts, the teacher shortage is a very real threat to finding educators even for elementary school positions. Others struggle only to find qualified teachers for specialized positions in Special Education or STEM.


Recent research has uncovered that teacher applicant pools are smaller than they have been in the past. It’s no secret that teaching is not a popular profession among the younger generations, and that enrollment in teacher preparation programs has fallen.

Here are the cold, hard numbers:


55.6% of the national teacher applicant pool consists of new teachers with three years or fewer of experience.

Teachers Down 37% between 2010 and 2020

From 2010 to 2020, the number of new teachers coming out of teacher preparation programs fell by 34.5%.

Teacher time

Only two states have seen an increase in the number of new educators coming out of teacher preparation programs. Only ten states have shown an increase in teacher prep program enrollment. North Dakota is the only state that has seen both teacher prep enrollment and completion numbers rise.

So, if you ever feel like you’re “playing catch-up” during recruiting season, or struggle to find enough qualified applicants to fill positions, it’s past time to make a change — it will only get harder to find new teachers. Even if you’re one of the lucky districts not besieged by teacher shortages, it’s imperative that you start planning for an even tighter teacher pipeline.

Those plans should look not just at new recruiting sources, but ways you can overcome tough competition for a shrinking pool of qualified teachers.





Get Ready with Frontline Recruiting & Hiring



Recruit applicants proactively.
• Showcase the many reasons why your district is a wonderful place to work and attract more applicants
• Don’t wait for the best educators to come to you — proactively invite exceptional teachers to apply to your district
• Run customized, automated campaigns that let you continually reach out to qualified new job-seekers who meet your requirements


Extend your recruiting reach.
• Advertise positions on your district’s website and social media pages with a click of a button
• Automatically post openings to K12JobSpot, the nation’s top job board for educators
• Capture educator interest at job fairs and let qualified job-seekers start an application on the spot


Beat the competition with faster, easier hiring.
• Let job-seekers find postings right through your website and provide a seamless, online application experience
• Communicate with applicants throughout the hiring process, without taking up more of your time
• Quickly identify top candidates with powerful sorting and filtering tools and weed out unqualified applicants
• Automate the most tedious parts of the hiring process, from collecting letters of recommendation to scheduling interviews


Uncover the insights you need to make the best decisions.
• Gain unprecedented visibility into your district’s recruiting and hiring data
• Get even more insight into candidate potential with research-based prescreening assessments
• Track your top referral sources and discover where to focus your efforts to make the greatest impact


Get started with Frontline Recruiting & Hiring


Take hiring and onboarding to the next level with Frontline Central.

When you connect Frontline Recruiting & Hiring with Frontline Central — the centralized hub for accessing and managing important employee data throughout Frontline’s human capital management (HCM) suite — you can:

  • Automatically send key new hire data to kick off the onboarding process
  • Build out a staff profile with employee demographic information that can be accessed from other Frontline HCM solutions
  • Instantly send onboarding paperwork to new hires, guiding them through each form and tracking their progress
  • Get easy access to key, actionable data from other Frontline HCM solutions and stay on top of anything that needs attention