[Case Study]

Puyallup School District

Finding excellent teachers for every classroom.

The community of Puyallup depends on having excellent teachers in every classroom, ready to educate and inspire students to reach their full potential. Facing a growing teacher shortage, Puyallup School District had to find a way to attract and recruit quality teachers. As one of the largest districts in Washington state with an enrollment of 23,000 students and climbing, hiring teachers and specialists is a top priority.

Hampered by recruitment software that became obsolete when the provider went out of business, only to be replaced by a system that didn’t work, the district worried that frustrated applicants would look elsewhere. Faced with the possibility of a new school year starting with unfilled teaching positions, finding the right solution was critical.

As soon as Puyallup went live with Frontline Recruiting & Hiring, their first applicant came through from K12Jobspot. With Frontline Recruiting & Hiring, job postings have a much broader reach than in the past when the HR staff relied on the district’s website to list openings, attracting more quality candidates and deepening the applicant pool. Puyallup hired over 150 teachers this year and filled all their support staff positions at the beginning of the school year.

“This year we started with a teacher in every classroom, and I can say that Frontline Recruiting & Hiring was a contributing factor. There are many years that we haven’t done that.”

— Tina Konsmo, Director of Human Resources Systems and School Support


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