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Reach More K-12 Job-seekers
with Frontline Recruiting & Hiring

Use the tool below to see how many more K-12 job-seekers Frontline can help you reach.

Reach More Educators

Have you ever found yourself wishing that your applicant pools were a little deeper? Have you ever lamented a lack of qualified candidates? Whether your district is short on candidates across the board or only for specific subject areas, you’ve likely felt the pinch of the teacher shortage.

It’s stressful to try to find fantastic educators when you only have a few applicants to choose from. So, it’s time to expand your recruiting reach — there’s no reason to be limited by geography. Frontline’s software gives you access to the largest pool of K-12 job-seekers, and the tools you need to proactively recruit the best candidates.

Choose your state to see how many more K-12 job-seekers Frontline can help you reach*.




job-seekers in Alabama are using Frontline’s job site to find their next career.




Another job-seekers aren’t currently located in-state, but have indicated an interest in working in Alabama for the right job.



Another job-seekers aren’t currently located , but have indicated an interest in working in another state (not specified) for the right job.



You could be reaching job-seekers!


*Source: K12JobSpot. Updated: March, 1 2022.


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“Frontline really opens many doors for us. As I post a position, not only does it go out to my state, but it gets posted on K12JobSpot, which goes out throughout the United States, and I think it has really opened the doors to allow more candidates to see us in my town of Des Plaines, Illinois.” Paul Hertel, Superintendent, Des Plaines School District 62

How Frontline Recruiting & Hiring Works

Frontline Recruiting & Hiring helps you overcome teacher shortages and find teachers in your state and across the country. Our software in a nutshell: recruit more teachers and hire them more quickly.

Reach More Job-seekers

  • Easily post open positions to your district website and social media pages, as well as career sites like — the leading K-12 job board, with over 1.4 million registered users
  • Discover candidates within your state and recruit educators across the country with an interest in relocating to your area
  • Recruit while you sleep with customized, automated campaigns that let you continually reach out to qualified new job-seekers
  • See who has viewed your job postings and invite top candidates to apply to your district

Transform Your Hiring Process

  • Enhance communication and provide a better applicant experience
  • Empower principals to easily find great candidates with an easy-to-navigate applicant dashboard and dynamic filtering tools
  • Automate interview scheduling and easily manage references in a single online location — say goodbye to hours spent playing phone tag
  • Meet district goals and track the impact of your hiring strategies with powerful dashboards and benchmarking
Recruiting the 21st Century Teacher

“Because of the teacher shortage, we really stepped up our out-of-state recruiting. Being able to get those teachers hired so quickly through Frontline Recruiting & Hiring and getting them in front of the kids on Day 1 to start the school year really impacts student learning.” Tracy Gibbs, Recruitment and Staffing Coordinator, Renton School District

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