The Teacher Shortage by the Numbers: 2021 Edition

The Teacher Shortage by the Numbers: 2021 Edition

57 minutes

In 2016, just over half of districts said they experienced a teacher shortage. But what about today, in 2021? Has the picture gotten better, or worse? And what does it mean for your day-to-day?

To find out, we surveyed schools across the country to hear what they were experiencing. And in this webinar, we’ll share the results. You’ll hear about trends, takeaways, and more:

  • How many districts said they’re experiencing a teacher shortage, and in which areas?
  • The most effective channels for recruiting many candidates versus the most effective channels for recruiting high-quality candidates
  • What contributes to teacher shortages
  • What you can do to help ensure that effective teachers want to work — and stay — in your district

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  • “We can see if there are areas that can be improved and start planning more focused professional development opportunities. That ensures that our teachers have what they need to do for our kids in the classroom every day.”
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Disclaimer: Frontline Education does not provide guidance on instructional practices. This webinar is provided for informational purposes only.

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