Planning for Next Year: Student Performance Data Informing Summer Conversations

Planning for Next Year: Student Performance Data Informing Summer Conversations

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Close the digital divide, address learning gaps, eliminate equity and achievement gaps, and more.

Capitalize on the rich insights contained within your student data — regardless of where that data resides — to improve student outcomes. Student Analytics Lab (formerly 5Lab) makes it easy to combine all of your data and present it visually so you can easily measure student performance, assess next grade/college- and career-readiness, close learning gaps, advance equity, and improve student outcomes.

Monitor student performance and progress across learning environments.
Track and understand student performance, regardless of the learning environment, to better identify where interventions may be needed.

Identify, at the student level, those falling behind for intervention planning.
Easily access student performance metrics like attendance, course enrollment, assignment completion, test results, and more through custom dashboards. Go from program and sub-group detail to individual student data with just a click.

Identify “blind spots” to ensure equity and access.
Enable all district and building leaders to monitor student progress, access nightly disaggregated lists of individual students who are not meeting performance metrics, and use these insights to assist students who are traditionally disadvantaged or underserved.


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