New Year, New Needs: Student & Staff Health and Safety in the New Year

New Year, New Needs: Student & Staff Health and Safety in the New Year

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The software to securely collect and report on students’ physical, mental, behavioral, & emotional health data

Prioritizing holistic student health is now more necessary — and complex — than ever. And growing shortages of health care personnel in schools increases the risk of students falling off the radar. Shortages also make it more likely that staff will fall out of compliance with student data privacy laws.

Frontline School Health Management helps you provide elevated, sustainable, and secure support for students by simplifying administrative processes and data collection and monitoring. With Frontline, you can:

  • Schedule, control, document and report detailed information about every student encounter with school health care professionals to meet compliance requirements and keep students healthy
  • Keep billing headache-free with a single point of data entry for Medicaid and Service documentation
  • Quickly create care plans, forms and letters with templates
  • Communicate with parents more smoothly than ever through a confidential, secure, interactive web portal
  • Make it easier to spot high-risk students with patterns of behavior such as suicide ideation or bullying
  • Prevent students from falling through the cracks by supporting consistent service delivery for each student
  • Communicate securely across departments and locations without risking FERPA or HIPAA non-compliance


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