Frontline Medicaid & Service Management

Frontline Medicaid & Service Management Webinar

20 minutes

Description: Making sure you have the resources in place to effectively meet students’ needs and tools to efficiently monitor compliance with IEP requirements is easier said than done. And capturing all the documentation needed to maximize Medicaid reimbursements adds even more complexity. What if there’s a better way?

In this webinar, you’ll learn how you can:

  • Accurately forecast resource needs based on IEP requirements and other factors that impact provider time
  • Equitably allocate resources to schools and minimize travel time for providers
  • Automate the process of creating optimized service calendars and student groups
  • Efficiently track student service encounters
  • Proactively monitor compliance with IEP mandates
  • Gain visibility into your Medicaid program to maximize reimbursements


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