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Special Education Software Vendors as District Partners




What leads to a successful long-term partnership between a district's special education program and its IEP & special education software vendor? Is there a secret sauce? Not really — but it turns out there are key ingredients that help ensure district goals are understood and met, year after year.


In This Podcast

Dr. Tom Reap (former special education director and administrator) and Judy Moon (former special education director, administrator, teacher and behavioral specialist) use their unique perspectives to describe the benefits and pitfalls of this unique type of relationship, and respond to anecdotes from special education professionals who work with vendors to manage compliance and improve student outcomes.

Tom Reap
Dr. Tom Reap, former special education director and administrator
Cydney Miller
Judy Moon, former special education director, administrator, teacher and behavioral specialist, Frontline Education

“There’s an expectation that your vendor has the bird’s eye view of what’s going on. Don’t forget, if you are working as a special education director, by and large you are a sole practitioner within that district. You are looking to your vendor as a partner to help you predict what’s going on down the line.”

– Dr. Thomas Reap, Frontline Education