Best Practices to Maximize Service Delivery

How Frontline Service Management can help you optimize existing resources to take your district’s service delivery to the next level.

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Creating IEPs and managing all the processes involved with them is no easy task, but it’s only the beginning of a student’s educational journey. In order to deliver on the promises made in those IEPs, you need to staff appropriately and manage all the related administrative work like scheduling and documentation.

And with the school closures due to the pandemic, student needs are growing at a time when your resources are more limited than ever.

There’s no easy or quick fix to the challenges you face, but you can make a positive impact with a few simple enhancements.

Optimize Resources

Optimize Resources

Estimate and allocate resources based on student need to know your staffing levels are accurate.

Streamline Service Management

Streamline Service Management

Devote more time to students by reducing time spent coordinating and documenting student services.

Proactively Monitor Compliance

Proactively Monitor Compliance

Protect your district from undelivered IEP service complaints and costly due process hearings with real-time visibility into service compliance.

Frontline Service Management is a comprehensive software solution purpose-built for K-12 special education that can help you optimize resources, streamline service management, and proactively monitor compliance

Resource Management
Align resources to student need

  • Estimate and allocate the precise level of staff needed to service students based on actual IEP requirements and other workload factors
  • Enable caseload equity among all your providers and ensure each school has what it needs ― and not more
  • Account for travel time when assigning staff to multiple schools and minimize downtime due to travel
  • Gain clarity into your true staffing needs and save time and effort in your budgeting process

Automated Scheduling
Optimize provider schedules

  • Reduce scheduling time from weeks to hours with auto-scheduling technology
  • Eliminate time wasted creating service calendars that conflict with class schedules or district and teacher pull-out restrictions
  • Serve the greatest number of students in the least amount of time with optimal service calendars
  • Create multiple versions of calendars and adjust as caseloads change throughout the year, with as little as one click

Service Tracking
Maximize service delivery and compliance

  • Simplify encounter tracking with tools to document services individually, in bulk and for student groups
  • Stay on top of IEP service compliance with visibility into where each student stands in receiving IEP mandated services
  • Maximize service documentation to impact potential Medicaid reimbursement
  • Track other program activities (IEP meetings, planning) to gain insight into the cost of various program elements and provide a comprehensive tool to manage every aspect of a provider’s schedule

Your goal is to provide the services that will result in the best outcomes for your students. But forecasting the right level of resources to deliver those services is not always easy. And ensuring staff have the capacity and time to meet the needs of their students can seem impossible.

That’s where Frontline Service Management comes in.