First Impressions

Great impressions from the start

The applicant experience goes a long way in shaping candidate perception.

If they have a good experience applying to your district, they’re more likely to refer others to your district as well. And a stress-free onboarding process can set the stage for lasting retention.

Ask yourself:

Does your hiring process give applicants a great first impression of your district? Would you want to go through your own application and hiring procedures?

Your hiring process should enrich your applicant pool, not drain it of talent.

With Frontline Recruiting & Hiring, the entire process is painless for candidates and administrators alike. There’s no more stacks of paperwork, no more agonizing over misplaced resumes, and more of what really matters: quickly finding the best people for every opening.

Frontline Recruiting & Hiring


     Advertise your job openings where applicants can easily find them — automatically post to social media and job boards like K12JobSpot

     Proactively recruit qualified candidates and run automated campaigns showing the benefits of working for your district

   Get the information you need from candidates with easy-to-use online applications

   Let job-seekers apply to multiple positions with a single application

    Improve communication with every applicant, without taking up more of your time

     Easily manage interview scheduling — no more playing phone tag  

     Integrate with Frontline Central for a seamless online onboarding experience