Frontline Recruiting & Hiring by the Numbers

3,000+ happy clients.

3,000+ education organizations use Frontline Recruiting & Hiring to find exceptional candidates. In fact, according to the Frontline Research & Learning Institute, our solution processed more than 1 million job applications from over 400,000 teachers looking for new jobs.


485,552 teachers submitted 1,408,857 applications during the 2016-17 school year


On average, each teacher job posting received 24.6 applications, although urban and suburban districts received the most applications per job.

Average applications per teacher job posting:


City: 27.93


Suburban: 26.55


Town: 11.34


Rural: 16.98


Those educators applying to jobs through Frontline Recruiting & Hiring averaged 5 years of experience, although over one-third of all applicants had three or fewer years of experience.

Highest average years of experience:
Foreign Language Teacher (7.0 years)

Lowest average years of experience:
Social Studies/History Teacher (3.6 years)

For more insights like these, check out this data sheet from Frontline Research & Learning Institute

Using Frontline Recruiting & Hiring

Reach more applicants.

  • Post open positions on your district website and social media, as well as K12JobSpot
  • Capture applicant interest at job fairs and let qualified job-seekers start an application right at your booth.
  • Discover candidates within your state or reach out to educators across the country with an interest in relocating to your area.

Move from passive to active recruiting.

  • Proactively recruit from our pool of over 1.7 million registered job-seekers, including over 500,000 certified teachers.
  • Discover who has viewed your job postings and send personalized application invitations to qualified job-seekers.
  • Recruit while you sleep with customized, automated campaigns that let you continually reach out to new job-seekers who meet your requirements

Save time throughout the hiring process.

  • Easily sort and filter to find the most best candidates — no more stacks of paper resumes.
  • Communicate with applicants throughout the hiring process, without taking up more of your time.
  • Automate the most tedious parts of the hiring process, from collecting letters of recommendation to scheduling interviews.
  • Integrate directly with Frontline Central to manage the entire onboarding process online.

Uncover the insights you need to make the best decisions.

  • Gain unprecedented visibility into your district’s recruiting and hiring data
  • Get even more insight into candidate potential with research-based prescreening assessments
  • Track your top referral sources and discover where to focus your efforts to make the greatest impact