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Frontline Recruiting & Hiring

Recruit from anywhere without sacrificing district standards.

Find and hire the best candidates for your district (and do it all online).

Every vacancy is a valuable opportunity — a chance to build a better professional community, increase student achievement and build curriculum. By hiring the best candidates for your needs, you can position your schools for continued growth and success. But finding and hiring the perfect employee for every opening is tough.

Frontline Recruiting & Hiring offers a better way.


You already use Frontline to get a fuller picture of employee attendance. When you add Frontline Recruiting & Hiring, you can seamlessly transfer new hire information into your Absence & Substitute Management system.

Cast a wider net

Take your recruiting process online

Identify the best candidates

Hire with confidence

  • Sort and filter to find the most qualified applicants
  • Screen applicants with research-based, EEOC-compliant prescreening assessments
  • Integrate structured hiring protocols to narrow the applicant pool

Hire without the hassle

With your team working remotely, it’s more important than ever to ensure your workflows keep hiring on track

  • Track the status of applicants across multiple vacancies
  • Manage interview scheduling and build custom questionnaires
  • Customize and automate workflows to speed up the hiring process

Onboard with ease

  • Easily update and transfer new hire data to Frontline Central, the hub of Frontline’s human capital management suite, which integrates directly with Frontline Recruiting & Hiring to electronically kick off the new hire onboarding process and build out the staff profile
  • Complete the onboarding process entirely online with Frontline Central